Monday Evenings at Bishopston. Tuesday Lunchtimes at Redland. Try us. We're Nice!      
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Frequently asked questions

I can't sing. Does it matter?

No. Anyway if you like music then actually you probably can. People usually progress a lot over the first few months. Don't worry. ;)

I'm not very confident.

You'll be in good company then. A choir is a group of normal people. Usually individually slightly insecure singers that make a big confident sound between them. That's the buzz!

Will I have to sing on my own?


I can't read music.

Doesn't matter. Few members read well. We do give you sheet music to use, but non-readers will mainly learn by copying the audio that we give out. Sight-singing develops naturally later!

I won't be able to make it every week.

No worries. There is no minimum commitment. You do what you can/want to. When we eventually perform the same applies -all are welcome, none are obliged. n.b. Members can attend either Monday evening or Tuesday lunchtime sessions or both, as they like (at no extra cost!).

What will it cost?

The first 3 sessions are free, while you make your mind up if it's for you or not.

After that it costs £200 for a year (approx 35 sessions), or £70 for a double term (approx 12 sessions), or £40 for a single term (approx 6 sessions).

Also. Being a member of the Gurt Lush Choir allows you free membership of MAN Chorus, & vice versa!

What sort of stuff will we be singing?

Every flavour of awesome ManSong that we can lay our hands on.

Have a listen to the Manly Moments playlist on our YouTube Channel to get a better idea.

What's the long term plan?

To become a profoundly awesome Man Choir.... However long it takes!